Acculoader Video & Photo Gallery

Animation of acculoader loading a container with garbage, transferring to rail and dump site.

Top loading the Acculoader with logs then trasferring them into a container for transport.

Official Acculoader commercial showing how our container loading system works.

Time Lapse video loading scrap steel into the Acculoader showing how fast the process is.

Container loading video of a front loader filling up the Acculoader with 25 metric tons of shred.

Standard loading of material into a container using the Acculoader method of container loading.

Pallet container loader using the Acculoader flat version for pushing pallets into a container.

Equipment container loader using the Acculoader flat version for pushing Equipment into a container.

Recycling compacted Scrap metal ready for loading into a shipping container.

Empty Acculoader sitting in a scrap yard ready to be loaded for the next container.

Scrap steel container loading using a magnetic loader to load the Acculoader

Container loading of scrap metal coils using a magnetic steel loader.

Acculoader container loader installed in a scrap yard ready for its first load.

Container trailer backing up to Acculoader before tranferring material to container.

Scrap iron container loading is a breeze for the Acculoader because of its heavy duty design.

A container loading machine with a small footprint that will fit in any size scrap yard.

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